BodyZone: Innovation means less pressure

  • FXI is at the forefront of research and innovation in the support surface industry, expanding the boundaries of performance in polyurethane foams. With more than 40 years of research and development and over 200 patents, FXI is the industry leader in medical mattress technology innovation.

    FXI Bodyzone Support Surfaces
    • BODYZONE SUPPORT SURFACES: Innovation Means Less Pressure

      Our products are making hospital beds and medical mattresses a safer place to rest. Our exclusive, patented Surface Modification Technology (SMT)SM delivers the highest level of pressure redistribution available, significantly reducing the risk of a patient developing pressure ulcers. Taking the pressure off patients' bodies and the nurses' shoulders.

      We are bringing our expertise as the industry leader in manufacturing and innovation to the medical mattress marketplace to help make a difference in the care of bed-bound patients in acute care facilities and hospitals.

      Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, are one of the primary adverse events that result when a patient is confined to bed and can't move, either because of illness, advanced age, or some other physical limitation. According to the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI), nearly 1 million people will develop a pressure ulcer this year, and approximately 60,000 acute care patients will die as a result of related complications.

      As if the cost in human suffering weren't enough, the additional treatment required by pressure ulcers will add about $1.3 billion dollars to the overall healthcare cost. Raising the stakes for medical facilities is the fact that Medicare has recently ended reimbursements for hospital-acquired pressure ulcers. Fortunately for patients, healthcare workers, and hospital executives, breakthrough innovation from FXI has led to a promising solution of BodyZone support surfaces.

      The development of a revolutionary new generation of visco foam, combined with engineering breakthroughs in medical mattress design and manufacturing, has allowed us to create a truly remarkable new mattress replacement system called BodyZone™. In independent laboratory tests versus the leading medical mattresses, BodyZone™ support surfaces are significantly more effective in redistributing pressure and reducing the other factors that lead to dermal and tissue breakdown, specifically heat, moisture, friction, and sheer. Quite simply, it is the most protective medical mattress ever developed.