Safety Foam: Innovation means a safer finish

  • Perfected over 30 years in jet aircraft, fuel cell foam technology now plays a critical role in protecting all types of vehicles. Our safety foam is used in today's stock cars to help mitigate fuel explosions ensuring a safer racetrack for drivers and fans.

    FXI Safety Foam

      Safety First® is not just a company that makes innovative children's products, including car seats, strollers, high chairs and more - it also represents the philosophy and objective of many companyies and their end-user products. FXI believes that safety DOES come first. Whether in our testing labs, in our plants or in the foam products we produce. One of our best examples of this innovative initiative is our Safety Foam.

      The premier stock car racing industry in the world, as well as several divisions of the United States Military use a fuel cell foam product produced by FXI that has revolutionized safety for its drivers, spectators and all of our Armed Forces personnel. Conductive reticulated polyurethane Safety Foam is a lightweight, porous, 3-dimensional polymer matrix fire screen that helps prevent fuel vapor within fuel tanks from exploding.

      Introduced in the 1960's to reduce the vulnerability and improve survivability of U.S. military craft by mitigating fuel tank explosions caused by enemy gunfire, Safety Foam has become a life-saving fuel cell foam product in numerous industries. Our fuel cell foam has been continuously improved since then, allowing it to be specified in race cars, military aircraft, helicopters and other ground vehicles.

      Safety Foam was designed to fill the void space in fuel tanks, thereby alleviating the effects of vapor build-up and fire and/or explosion resulting from electrical ignition, static discharge, lightening or gunfire. FXI and its predecessor SCOTFOAM have nearly 40 years of experience with fuel cell foam and fuel tank inserting, and have been instrumental in the invention and continuous enhancements of reticulate polyurethane safety foam technology.