Printers: Innovation means a more colorful workplace

  • Without foam, printing innovations in affordable color digital imaging technology wouldn't be possible. Our hydrophilic Electrocell foam technology transports ink without clogging or pooling, so today's laser jets and inkjets can deliver perfect results every time. Making every day a little brighter.

    FXI Printer Foam

      We live in a world of computers, electronics, email and high-tech telecommunication devices. How many of us use our phones to stay in touch each and every day? Our expansion into the field of electronic digital imaging technology began when consumers insisted that manufacturers make products that are faster, quicker and easier to use.

      Our industry leading research & development team has created a new, unique line of ultra fine, high-density polyurethane foams to satisfy the needs of our customers in these electronic digital imaging technology markets.

      Uses for this new product line include roller materials designed for digital imaging technology equipment such as laser printers and copiers. Our novel, conductive Electrocell foam formulations can be used for electrically charged roller applications such as toner adder rollers, charge rollers, developer and transfer rollers, for all ranges of printers and copiers used in home and industrial settings. The design flexibility, ease of fabrication, uniform cell structure and mechanical properties of our micro-cellular free rise polyurethane Electrocell foams provide a cost effective alternative for your digital imaging technology and material needs.

      These materials are engineered at densities of 6.0-10.0 lb./ft3 and are designed to impart mechanical properties comparable to materials having much higher densities. At the same time, the Electrocell foam materials have a very fine cell structure, with cell diameters on the order of 0.006-0.02 inch, substantially finer than traditional polyurethane foams of this kind. The combination of physical properties normally seen with solid elastomers, now in a porous material with ultra fine cell structure, provides new engineering and design possibilities for digital imaging technology. We can tailor the physical properties such as hardness, compression set and resistivity for your specific specifications.