Innovation Stories

  • Everywhere you look, FXI innovative solutions are making life easier, safer, and better. Featured here are just some of our

    innovations and ways we're applying our amazing material to some of life's greatest challenges.


      FXI Story AutoOur automotive foams do a lot more than cushion passengers. Not only do they make cars safer and more comfortable, they also dramatically reduce engine and exterior noise. Making every ride smoother and more relaxing. Learn More

      FXI Story EcoFoam is an innovative solution driving a great leap in the efficiency of purification systems. Our new Photocatalytic technology will help clean, sterilize, and deodorize air and water better than existing methods. Making more places fresher and healthier for everyone. Learn More

      FXI Story MedicalMore and more, foams play a vital role in modern medicine. Our "de-foaming" innovative solutions technology allows surgical devices to oxygenate blood during heart surgery without creating dangerous air bubbles. Resulting in better practices and longer lives. Learn More

      FXI Story PrinterWithout foam, the revolution in affordable color printing wouldn't be possible. Our hydrophilic technology transports ink without clogging or pooling, so today's laser jets and inkjets can deliver perfect results every time. Making every day a little brighter. Learn More

      FXI Story SafetyfoamPerfected by over 30 years in jet aircrafts, foam technology now plays a critical role in protecting all types of vehicles. Our safety foam is an innovation that is being used in today's stock cars to help mitigate fuel explosions. Ensuring a safer racetrack for drivers and fans. Learn More

      FXI Story BodyzoneOur innovative solutions are making hospital beds a safer place to rest. Our exclusive, patented Surface Modification Technology (SMT?) delivers the highest level of pressure redistribution available, significantly reducing the risk that a patient will develop a pressure ulcer. Taking the pressure off patients’ bodies and the nurses’ shoulders. Learn More

      FXI Story VpfPioneered over 25 years ago, our Variable Process Foaming (VPF?) technology is the only one of its kind in the polyurethane foam manufacturing industry. Our commitment to the environment is not today’s market hype! It’s a journey we started long before going "green" was in fashion and we are committed it. Making the world a cleaner, greener place. Learn More