Air Purification: Innovation means a fresher world

  • Our products are driving a great leap in the efficiency of air purification systems. Our new Photocatalytic filter technology will help clean, sterilize and deodorize air and water better than existing methods. As air filter manufacturers, we're making more places fresher and healthier for everyone.

    FXI Air Purification Foam Filter

      We are working hard to help create solutions for all of our customers, to help provide a healthier and cleaner environment for everyone. One example is helping our automotive partners by helping resolve some of the major maintenance concerns they experience. Stringent design requirements for cabin and air filtration performance have been a primary area of focus for our research and development team, noting the necessity for improved dust and smell irritancies, pressure drop, efficiency performance and extended life.

      On request from our automotive partners, our engineers and scientists were asked to develop a foam air purification system that would extend the life and usage of the filter. Multiple iterations of the foam pore size, thickness and chemical make-up were produced and tested until an optimal design formulation was designed.

      Photocatalytic filter technology foam was created. This five-layer filter was developed as a solution for air purification systems that lowers total vehicle maintenance costs and improves cabin air quality - reducing cigarette odor, bacteria, pathogen and mold. We proudly boast that in 2004, the auto manufacturer earned a PACE (Premier Automotive Supplier's Contribution to Excellence) Award, for the photocatalytic filter technology's enhancement to their air purification systems.

      Our team of air filter manufacturers and designers have also provided this technology to other industries as a "solution" for similar concerns. Our foam for air purification systems can also be used in applications such as drinking water treatment, indoor air purification, commercial air handling and for the automotive industry in cabin air purification, deodorization and sterilization. In some applications, like sponge and clean room wipes, Photocatalytic filter technology foams can be considered to be "self-cleaning" due to their ability to remove any contaminants that have built up on surfaces. In these applications, air filter manufacturers will be excited that the need for antimicrobial is reduced or even eliminated.