Home Furnishings / Bedding

  • In our furniture, our mattresses and our pillows. In carpets, cleaning products and home servicing solutions. Increasing comfort and durability, while reducing costs and contamination. Every day, around the world, FXI innovations make a more perfect place for millions to call home.

    FXI Foam Home Bedding

      We are an innovative Company that continuously develops products to make consumers improve their lives at home.

      Our home products include more durable and comfortable foams for upholstery furniture, mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers. Our dedication to R&D and technology innovation has resulted in the creation of very unique products that will not only help consumers have a better night's sleep but an energizing morning the next day. Advances in foams for upholstery applications now provide manufacturers and consumers with cost effective solutions for improved comfort and durability of their furniture.


      In addition, we have developed numerous technologies for better cleaning and servicing the home. From more durable and better fluid absorbing hand sponges and mops to gutter protection solutions, our team of scientists is continuously innovating and creating solutions to improve consumer's lives.