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  • By enabling a more comfortable, healthy and refreshing night’s sleep, FXI’s specialty bedding foams and innovative mattress solutions help the world rest easier

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    • Foam and Mattress Manufacturing with Experience

      FXI is a leader in developing innovative sleep solutions driven by consumer insights and industry trends. Our expertise does not stop at manufacturing foam. Our experience in designing, building, and fulfilling mattresses direct to the consumer is unparalleled.

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      ABOUT FXI Specialty foam solutions

      FXI has been developing foam bedding solutions for a long time. We’ve stayed on the cutting edge of foam technologies and kept pace with consumer trends. Our processes and products are a direct result of the knowledge that comes from being a leader in the foam industry and a market leader in developing innovative sleep solutions that anticipate market demands and consumer preferences. Our dedication to understanding consumer needs and market trends alongside of R&D and technology innovation has resulted in the creation of very unique products that will not only help consumers have a better night's sleep but an energizing morning the next day.

      The superior properties of FXI specialty bedding foams are largely a result of our proprietary VPF? manufacturing technology, or Variable Pressure Foaming. This proprietary process uses an enclosed chamber to maintain constant atmospheric conditions, delivering a consistently high quality, perfectly formed product with every run. In addition to producing best in class foam, VPF protects our environment with virtually zero emissions, completely eliminating CFCs and other blowing agents that can be harmful.

      Our reputation as a leader in the foam and bedding industry derives from our commitment to exploring new possibilities and working with our customers to create solutions for sleep products. Our team of professionals is passionate about innovation and dedicated to environmental stewardship. Our current portfolio of bedding products continues our tradition of industry-first, best-in-class materials. We listen to our customers, to provide products that are important and fulfill their customers' needs. Comfort and durability are a given.

      Beyond that, consumers have different needs in foam bedding, such as a cooler sleep surface, luxury, environmental friendliness, and energizing rest. With the broadest line of specialty foams in the industry, our product line is designed to provide you with more tools to create your own innovative and unique product offering.