Digital / Technical Foam

  • In inkjet cartridges, laser printers and disc-drives. As a critical conductive agent, reservoir, shield or cushion that makes digital technology work. Reducing noise and vibration, and ensuring smooth, crystal clear results every time. In hundreds of applications, FXI innovations in vibration isolation products are accelerating the performance and advancement of the electronics sector.

    FXI Electronic Foam

      The electronics sector relies on polyurethane foam products and advanced polymer products for hundreds of applications as the conductive agent, reservoir, supply media, shield, or cushion for vibration isolation, and we have pioneered many of them for and with our clients. We help in the advancements of enriching existing products and making recommendations for new inventions for future polyurethane foam products.


      We pioneered the polyurethane foam product now widely used as the core foam in inkjet cartridges. Our highly-engineered foams serve double duty as an "i" is neatly dotted and every "t" perfectly crossed. The latest technology in laser jet printers incorporates various advanced polymer products to assist in the high-speed delivery of the highest-quality printed digital documents.

      Today, with the size requirements for the precision electronics industry getting even smaller, high-performance foams are becoming the vibration isolation products of choice for reducing noise in high-density disc drives. Working closely with our client's design engineers for these miniature components, our personnel spearhead the development of performance requirements for shock absorbance and cleanliness in high quality vibration isolation products.