Consumer Foam

  • In eye shadow brushes, lip applicators, powder puffs and facial pads. From exfoliating and cleaning to applying makeup and massaging skin. Revealing smoother, healthier skin and improving the quality of life for millions. In more and more personal care applications, FXI innovations and cosmetic foams are revolutionizing the way we look and feel.

    FXI Cosmetics Personal Foam Solutions

      The functions of technical foams in personal care products are extremely diversified in the area of fluid and energy management. As a result, the analysis of the function for any new cosmetic foam product is therefore an important step before developing a new formulation or product based on technical foam.

      Advanced polyurethane foam product and polymer product technologies have emerged to become, in the last 20 years, significant products in the development of state-of-the-art personal care products such as cosmetic foam. While conventionally made cosmetic foam products are considerable and less expensive, new products and technological advancements are beginning to revolutionize future growth of the personal care applications. New products are competing in this fast track market that seeks to improve the quality of life for millions of individuals.

      Product enhancements to the polyurethane foam products and polymers can enhance the performance of the resultant material associated with absorbing, delivering, reservoiring, wiping and cushioning functions. Specialty polyurethane foam products can be manufactured to exfoliate skin, apply makeup and can be incorporated into the linings for sophisticated apparel and footwear items.

      Over the years, we have established an excellent track record of developing new products for specific personal care applications.


      We pioneered the polyurethane foam product now widely used as the powder eye shadow brushes, liquid lip gloss applicators, powder puffs and facial cleaning and exfoliating pads. Working closely with our client's design engineers for these miniature components, our personnel have helped to spearhead the development of performance requirements in cosmetic foam for applying makeup, massaging skin, removing dirt and oil and revealing healthier skin.