Acoustical Foam Solutions

  • FXI acoustical materials are designed to perform a number of functions including sound absorption and vibration damping.

    FXI Auto Transportation Foam
    • Overview

      FXI has innovative solutions to optimize your products:

      Sound Absorption Applications:

      ? Engine covers for vehicle engines, portable air compressors and power units
      ? Interior firewalls and door panels for automobiles
      ? Cabin panels for Class 8 trucks
      ? HVAC ventilation ducts
      ? Panels for data processing equipment & CNC machine centers
      ? Absorption blankets for appliances
      ? Anechoic and Semi-anechoic test chambers
      ? Recording studios and home theater environments
      ? Hood insulators
      ? Headliners
      ? Enclosure panels for portable air compressors, power units, appliances, etc
      ? Floor and consoles

      Vibration Damping Applications:

      ? Sinks and water fountains
      ? Industrial machinery & equipment
      ? Engine compartments


      • ? Vibration Isolation

        Noise transmission sound barriers are used to reduce the noise level being transmitted through a housing when the housing itself does not satisfactorily perform that function. When noise levels are severe, an additional high mass transmission reduction wall orseptum is often required. Acoustical foam is applied as a decoupler between the housing and the inner septum, and as an absorber on the outer septum wall, to effectively absorb and reduce noise energy.


        ? Acoustical panels
        ? Aircraft
        ? Turbine engines
        ? Broadcast studios
        ? Power generator housings
        ? Automotive headliner
        ? Data processing equipment

      • ? Vibration Damping

        Acoustical foams are used to reduce vibrations of physical structures that, in turn, produce noise due to that vibration. In some cases, for maximum vibration reduction, acoustical foams are used in conjunction with a damping layer, such as a viscoelastic material.


        ? Air conditioning equipment
        ? Dishwashers
        ? Aircraft compartments
        ? High-speed rail cars
        ? Data processing machines
        ? Enclosed power units
        ? Engine housing

      • ? Sound Fidelity

        Reticulated acoustical foams have been proven virtually acoustically transparent; effectively invisible to sound waves in audible frequencies. This is true even of foam two inches thick. A leading California stereo speaker manufacturer made this fact well-known by introducing a line of speakers that offered nearly perfect sound transparency through high performance foam grilles in a variety of colors.


        ? Stereo speakers grilles
        ? Earphones
        ? Microphone windscreen covers
        ? Smoke alarm grilles



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