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  • Providing Innovative Acoustic Solutions

    FXI acoustical materials are designed to perform a number of functions including sound absorption and vibration damping. FXI low-density foam materials are ideal for sound absorption while higher-density or lower permeability materials can be excellent for sound dampening. In addition to their acoustic capabilities, all FXI foams are moldable and meet various fire ratings for different industry uses, insulation and operating temperature requirements. FXI acoustical foam solutions provide an efficient, consistent, and predictable performance simplifying installation and material handling, reducing costs of finished part production and reliable performance over-time in high-stress environments and applications.

    • Products

      Extended Performance Under Environmental Pressures with Open Cell Structure and Felting

      AEROFONIC? is a reticulated felted foam. Originally designed for the highly demanding environments found in the aerospace industry. Felting is a process by which heated platens permanently compress the foam to a specified density (firmness) and thickness. By varying machine conditions and the ratio of initial foam thickness to final felt thickness, the specific design properties of the end product are controlled.

      Typical applications:
      ? Aircraft air duct liner
      ? Aircraft turbine engine
      ? Diesel powered
      on-and off-road equipment
      ? Armored vehicles
      ? Air-conditioning equipment

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    • Aresto?
      Absorbing and Insulating Foam UL 94 HF-1

      ARESTO? is a fire-retardant, flexible polyester polyurethane foam which has been designed for applications where flammability characteristics must meet standards such as Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Safety Standards FMVSS-302 or Underwriters Laboratories Classification UL 94 HF-1.

      Typical applications:
      ? Vehicle engine covers and hood liners
      ? Absorption blankets and panels for appliances
      such as dishwashers and refrigerators
      ? Class 8 truck cabs
      ? Off-highway equipment cabs
      ? Industrial machinery and generator
      ? Anechoic & Semi-anechoic chambers
      ? Recording studios and home theater acoustic
      treatment applications

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    • Durasorb?
      High Density Acoustic Ethers That Absorb What Matters

      Durabsorb? 100 and Durabsorb? 200, provide a unique combination of excellent sound absorption characteristics along with vibration damping capabilities through higher density ether formulation. Certified to Department of Transportation FMVSS-302, these foams have superior durability for challenging environments with demanding technical requirements and fit many uses requiring lower frequency absorption. Highly moldable and fabricating ease, Durabsorb? 100 and Durabsorb? 200 work well for laminations and multi-size parts due to their structural integrity.

      Typical applications:
      ? Engine compartments
      ? Reduce resonance of metal panels
      & enclosures
      ? Trim, seals and gaskets for vehicles and equipment
      ? Shock absorbing pads

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    • Hyfonic?
      Extended Performance Under Environmental Pressures
      UL 94 HF-1

      Hyfonic? is a combustion-modified polyether polyurethane foam developed to resist hydrolytic degradation and has excellent sound absorbing characteristics. Hyfonic? has robust high and low temperature features capable of withstanding intermittent temperatures as high as 250 °F, and at -40 °F shows no evidence of cracking or tearing when bent around a mandrel equal in diameter to the foam thickness. Hyfonic? meets standards such as Department of Transportation FMVSS-302 and Underwriters Laboratory UL 94 HF-1.

      Typical applications:
      ? Specified in Aerospace
      ? Industrial equipment enclosures
      ? Cabin Interiors (Class 8 Trucks)
      ? Home Healthcare Enclosures

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    • Hyfonic? Natural
      Sound Absorbing Foam using a Renewable Profile

      The Hyfonic? Natural is a lower to medium density, combustion-modified, polyether foam developed to resist hydrolytic degradation. Being an excellent sound absorbing foam, Hyfonic? Natural is produced utilizing natural oil polyol (non-food source). This fire retardant, flexible foam has been designed for applications where flammability must meet standards like the Department of Transportation FMVSS-302 and Underwriters Laboratory UL 94 HF-1. Hyfonic? Natural resists degradation from hot, humid environments and has excellent stability in high and low temperatures.

      Typical applications:
      ? Door and trunk panels for vehicles
      ? Vibration reduction
      ? Sound reduction panels for marine, agricultural
      and industrial equipment

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    • Pyrell?
      Intumescent Sound Absorbing and Fire Retardant Foam
      UL 94 HF-1

      PYRELL? is a combustion modified, halogen-free, flexible polyester polyurethane foam that intumesces when a flame is applied. This means that when flame is applied, the surface chars and forms a protective shield between the flame and the foam underneath. This carbon char has low thermal conductivity and high oxidation resistance.

      Typical applications:
      ? Packaging for aerospace
      ? Padding
      ? Insulating
      ? Motor shroud

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    • Quiet Tire? Technology
      Where Performance Meets Quiet.

      Quiet Tire? technology focuses on new foam chemistries that offer reduced foam density, improved vibration management, noise abatement, greater durability and efficient processing application. This technology helps tire manufacturers, OEMs interior designers and engineers in their efforts to further improve the noise reduction levels of transportation systems based on polyurethane foams.

      The polyurethane flexible foam formulation is highly adept at absorbing the specific frequency bandwidth associated with the tire noise cavitation problem. The PU foam can be adhered to the inner liner of the tire to absorb and cancel the cabin noise bouncing around inside the air chamber.

      ? Buzz and irritable cavity noise reduction from rolling tires
      ? Improve noise reduction between 5 to 10 dbA
      ? Parts can be surface modified to improve adhesion to the inner tire casings
      ? Passed long-term endurance tire stress testing
      ? Unsurpassed sound attenuation and noise canceling
      ? Vibration damping
      ? Reduce low frequency hum when tires are rolling

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    • Qylite? 200 & 400
      Lightweight, High Performance Foam for Sound Absorbtion

      Qylite? 200 and 400 are Department of Transportation FMVSS-302 certified, and formulated with low-density ether foam technology having unique lightweight cellular structures that enhance sound absorbing performance with some damping characteristics. Qylite? 200 and 400 perform well in harsh environments and facilitate many final form processing methods like compression molding where aesthetics and engineered performance need to be balanced. These foams have excellent high and low temperatures stability with attractive heat-aging, wear, and abrasion properties.

      Typical applications:
      ? Engine cover for vehicles
      ? Portable air compressors and power units
      ? Enclosed panels for motors, compressors and pumps
      ? Interior firewalls and door panels for vehicles
      ? Vehicle hood insulators
      ? Trunk and hush panels for vehicles
      ? Acoustic panels
      ? Appliances

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