FXI and a History of Innovation

  • In 2009, a new private company, FXI, was created and it acquired the technology and intellectual property assets of Foamex International Inc. FXI's assets have resulted in being awarded more than 400 patents worldwide. FXI has one of the largest and most diverse foam manufacturing and distribution networks in the industry.

    • About FXI

      FXI's technology traces back to the initiation of commercial activities for the polyurethane foam manufacturing industry in the 1950s. From that springboard, we are pioneering ever greater innovations and applications for our amazing material. We are committed to taking foam forward to the future.

      Our groundbreaking and accomplished team is recognized by customers, suppliers, and peers as a true industry leader. From thermal or chemical reticulation, lamination, and fabrication to foam production technologies such as VPF? we lead the way in patents, technology investment, and know-how. We provide our customers and market channel partners optimal products, service, and quality.


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